Dancer // Berlin, Germany
Portugal Sports Jersey // JERS.

National Team of Portugal
FIFA Euro Cup 2008

Why Portugal?

Portugal had influenced me the most during my stay as an Erasmus student for almost 7 months. The mentality on the streets and how people live there is just relaxed and lovely. The architecture ist very unique with their azulejos and the food is just right. It doesn’t really matter at which time you visit this country it’s always miraculous weather. Besides all this i’ve been supporting the national football team since I was a little child.

Portugal Sports Jersey // JERS.

Will the team gets better or worse after Ronaldo has left?

I think that this guy did a world changing commitment in this sport called football. The national team proofed their abilities and what they can do without CR. The European Finals in 2016 against France, we all saw this match. It was possible for Portugal. I think the younger generation is eager enough in surpassing Cristiano. They want it badly. So the answer to this is simply: sim (portuguese for yes).

Portugal Sports Jersey // JERS.

Whats your passion?

It’s definitely dancing. I’ve been always physically on the go since I started walking. It all began with football after ping pong, track & field and at least in basketball. All of a sudden everything I did leaded me to start dancing. Since 2005 this has been my biggest love till today.

Portugal Sports Jersey // JERS.
Portugal Sports Jersey // JERS.

Your first thought when you hear football?

I feel like a little child back in 1996 when i watched it for the first time at my uncles place while visiting my cousins. Football unites so many nations its unbelievable how far things went through it. Little boys and girls pushing theirselves to their limits to make it to the top and give their lives a meaningful purpose in fulfilling their dreams as professional football player. Football changed sports and the world.

Something you still need to learn?

I feel like there is no end in learning and discovering new things regardless of which topic and aspects. Even if i think i know already something i still feel like i can get more out of it. It never stops. Knowledge is unlimited. Thats where personal growth starts for me.

Thanks for having me.

Portugal Sports Jersey // JERS.

Thank you Mack.

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