Cologne, Germany
Mighty Ducks Jersey | JERS.

Anaheim, California, USA
NHL Western Conference
Stanley Cup Winner 2007

Where do you got your jersey from?
I got my jersey from my dad who used to play ice hockey for ages. He used to wear the Mighty Ducks jersey during games and training sessions.
Mighty Ducks Jersey | JERS.
Did you know the team before?
Mighty Ducks Jersey | JERS.
Mighty Ducks Jersey | JERS.

Are you into Ice Hockey ether way?
Yes, when I was younger we used to watch ice hockey of the Kölner Haie (Cologne Sharks) on a regular basis.

Do you make sports? Are you in a club or sth else?
I love everything that has to do with acrobatics. When it comes to team sports I’d go with ice hockey.

With whom do you watch sport games the most?
If I do I’m watching ice hockey games with my family. Important stuff like the Soccer World Cup I usually watch with my friends.

Thank you Antonia.

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