Musician // Berlin, Germany

Congo Jersey | JERS.

National Team of
Democratic Republic of Congo
Main Colors: red & blue

Congo Jersey | JERS.
What do you like about your favorite Jersey?
My favorite jersey is the one of the national team of the Democratic Republic of Congo, because it’s my home country and it really looks very special. It has the leopard on it, which is the landmark of our team, and the colors of our country flag. The jersey is as worthy as the team is for the people of Congo which magically performs a smile on their faces in political rough times.
Congo Jersey | JERS.
How often do you play soccer?

I often play soccer with friends, especially in urban soccer cages where the whole street is looking at you. This creates a special atmosphere which we won’t resist every weekend for the next decades, I think.


What’s your favorite soccer-trick?
The Ronaldinho-Trick, also known as the Elastico, which isn’t just a usual trick, it has united a whole generation. When we saw it on TV for the first time, the day after all the kids where trying to make the Elastico. We also did. Little side fact: Ronaldo Luís Nazário de Lima (the true Ronaldo) was the first one doing the Elastico, way before Ronaldhino did it. But Ronaldo never got the credits like Ronaldhino got. So, probs to Ronaldo!
Congo Jersey | JERS.
Germany Jersey Euro 2016 | JERS.
How political is soccer for you? 
Soccer got extremely political the last years, what makes me really sad. During international tournaments, the nationalism starts growing in a very negative way. Past wounds get opened again and get hugh stage in matches where the sport should actually unite the people instead of disconnecting them.
Would you rather buy one big older star for your team or five young players?
I would better buy five young players. For the best case five guys from the street with the motivation to fight for a better future. But a veteran like Ronaldhino would also be a good choice, because younger player could learn a lot from one of the best players.
Germany Jersey Euro 2016 | JERS.

Thank you Matondo.

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