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FC Porto | Jers

Behind the jerseys

JERS is the passionate love to jerseys and everything around. We are a team of creatives who want to give jerseys a whole new stage by creating newly done content & campaigns, spreading the word through stories of the real fans, doing events to celebrate the community and be part of creating new styles & looks. Jerseys are not just sportswear anymore – it’s feelings, it’s fashion, it’s a culture. It’s all about the look & the story behind. It’s about the moments it mades and feelings it creates. #jersjers


„No matter which colour, country, sport or stadium you’re from
– We are made by the same material, we’re going through the same emotions every gameday or tournament and we are all born to win. This is more than just a game, this is our culture. Let’s celebrate this together. – We are Jerseys United.“


The Jersers are connected all over the world and react in minutes. We can organize a high quality campaign with in a short time and present you a professional image layout that will be promoted by the jers-influencers who are spreaded in all fields and genres.

In coop with Getfab.